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Flannan Isles Lighthouse Situated on Eilean Mór, this lighthouse into the west of Scotland is the subject of the enduring mystery in excess of the disappearance of its keepers in 1900.

"Prisencolinensinainciusol" The song where by the lyrics are intentionally unintelligible gibberish intended to sound to its Italian viewers as if it is sung in English spoken with an American accent.

Mannanafnanefnd A committee in Iceland that establishes whether or not a name is suitable for integration in to the Icelandic language. Evidently voted Of course about by themselves.

Mojave telephone booth A general public phone booth that stood for several a long time in the middle of a desert, miles faraway from any roadways or other structures.

Cow Tools A cartoon in the comic strip The Far Side which was so puzzling A large number of persons known as the writer striving to be aware of its this means.

Big Dumb Object A mysterious item (ordinarily of extraterrestrial origin) in a movie that's there merely to trigger a sense of speculate.

Quartz crisis Not a comic book reserve Tale arc, nevertheless the upheaval in watchmaking brought on by the introduction of quartz watches.

Chicken gun Valuable to the mitigation of injury from bird strikes. The rooster carcass need to be thawed to start with, although.

Hallucinogenic fish No, the fish usually are not trippin'; they can induce hallucinations if ingested. It isn't acknowledged if hallucinations will happen if 1 fish consumes One more.

Bullfrog County, Nevada A former county in Nevada recognized all around a mountain which was to be a radioactive squander disposal web site. As of 2022, it is the only uninhabited county-such as at any time be established in the United States.

Curse of the ninth The superstition more info that any composer of symphonies, from Beethoven onwards, will die shortly immediately after crafting their particular Ninth Symphony.

GoldenPalace.com Monkey A whole new species of monkey which was formally named following the GoldenPalace.com on line casino.

M-185 (Michigan freeway) The only point out highway within the state that bans motor motor vehicles. It is also the one state highway not to have a mishap right up until 2005.

Klüver–Bucy syndrome A behavioral problem with some incredibly odd indicators, which include "hypersexuality" in addition to a want to examine objects Using the mouth. Named after two Medical practitioners who gave psychotropic medication to lobotomized monkeys.

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